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“Wade Sorochan book’s is definitely a must read for parents, educators or anyone concerned about the dangers of social media; very well researched book. The author points out how our social media addiction can affect our mental health. The social media is far from social as clearly pointed out in this ground-breaking book. Mr. Sorochan provides many tips on how to manage our use of social media, cellphones and other devices of this digital age. This book is highly recommended and absolutely worth buying.”
Stephen H.

“Unsocial Media brings awareness to our social media habits and how they can affect our mental health. The effect of social media on our mental health is a fairly new area of study and this book brings together the most recent information available. Wade also shares a lot of his own journey and struggles with mental health. I highly recommend reading this book if you have ever wondered how social media might be affecting your life.” Jasmine F.


“Great book Tone Arm, I sat down to read it and got absolutely hooked into it.”
Gene Z.

Wade, thank-you for putting your heart into this book, I loved your honesty and vulnerability.”
Paul H.