20-30% of people will experience a mental illness in their lifetime. National award-winning speaker, author and mental health advocate Wade Sorochan is a life-long sufferer of mental illness who shares openly and honestly about his own mental health struggles and traumatic life journey that includes surviving child abuse, extreme anxiety, depression and hopelessness, and five mental breakdowns. Wade’s powerful testimony and inspiring message, which has received standing ovations, will connect with those who are suffering, and their supporters, providing encouragement and hope. He shares vital information about mental illness to help break the silence and end the stigma, along with practical tips to maintain good mental health; especially during a challenging life event. Wade Sorochan is recognized throughout Canada as a leading mental health advocate.


“Wade, I just want to say thank you. I too have a narcissistic mother and I also heard ‘what’s wrong with you?’ daily growing up. I struggle with all the same mental illnesses as you. I was encouraged by your story. I feel better after hearing you say we have to take care of our own mental health first and foremost.” (Email comment)

“Wade, I can’t thank you enough, your testimony and message helped save my son’s life.” (Mother of 14 year-old boy)

“Wade, my young kids struggle with their mental health and your story gives me more empathy for them.” (Conference comment)

“Thank you Wade for sharing hard truths of your journey.” (Conference comment)

“A great and powerful presentation! Wade is well-spoken and sincere, and I appreciate his vulnerability and courage sharing his personal story.” (Conference comment)

“Wade, thank you for the amazing presentation!! You resonated with so many people. I think they most loved your vulnerability and honesty. I know I did.” (Canada Revenue Agency event comment)


“It’s toxic for teens” (Instagram internal research)

“It’s addictive and exploits a vulnerability in human psychology, “God only knows what it’s doing to our children’s’ brains.” (Sean Parker, former president of Facebook)

“Social Media is killing our youth!” (U.S. Lawmakers)

“I am calling for immediate action to protect kids’ and adolescences’ mental health on social media.” (U.S. Surgeon General)

Social media is a major contributing factor to the increase in anxiety and depression and teen suicide deaths over the past 10 years. Healthcare professionals, governments, educators, and child advocates, are sounding the alarm about the impact of social media on our youth. National award-winning speaker, mental health advocate, and social media expert, Wade Sorochan, provides the latest information on how social media is impacting todays’ youth, along with vital recommendations for parents to keep kids safe. Learn about current lawsuits and recommended bans, risky online behaviour causing injury and death, whether cellphones should be allowed in schools, and more.  Wade Sorochan is the author of the ground-breaking book Unsocial Media: Virtual World Causing Real World Anxiety.


“Best school presentation I have ever attended.” (Student)

“Engaging and great use of humour.” (School principal)

“Very informative; shared cutting-edge research that teachers should be aware of.” (Teacher)

“Incredibly informative and overwhelmingly relevant to me as both a teacher and a parent.” (Teacher/Parent)

“Absolutely wonderful, inspirational and relevant.” (Teacher)

Government of Alberta, City of Edmonton, ATB, Enbridge, PCL Construction, Association of Canadian Harvesters, Canadian Mental Health Association, EECOL Electric, Pentecostal Association of Canada, Mood Disorders Association, Alberta Teacher’s Association, Insurance Adjustors of Canada, ATCO, BELL, HSBC, Canada Revenue Agency.

MAJOR CONFERENCES HAVE INCLUDED: The 2011 International Symposium on Wellness, 2013-2025 Alberta Teacher’s Conventions, The 2017 National Mental Health Conference and The 2022 Let’s Talk National Hope Conference.